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PMI Titanium Lakeland Close a 30 Key Deal

Local Lakeland Vacation Rental Management firm PMI Titanium Lakeland clinched yet another franchising deal in Lakeland, FL. This recent acquisition becomes one of PMI's largest vacation rental deals of the year. The deal which was closed in May 2019 comprises the acquisition of 30 properties. This is good news for holiday-goers in the area because PMI Titanium already has footprints in the city and has made quite an impression on local and visiting guests.

What the Deal Entailed

Our franchisee in Lakeland identified a favorable opportunity whereby they could purchase 30 properties that would prove to be excellent assets. This great portfolio of vacation homes service central Florida’s Theme parks making them an exceedingly profitable investment. Thanks to our management style, our franchisee had enough confidence to make a winning offer a mere three months after buying into our PMI Titanium Lakeland Franchise. The sellers worked closely with the buyer’s team to transition the business and ensure a smooth transition.

Our Team & the Role They Played

The team behind the impressive feat includes dynamic duo Kerry & Cathy Nice, Vince & Kay Dinova, and Jessica Gabbard. The PMI Corporate Acquisition team has built a proven structure to streamline the process. They helped guide the entire procedure and oversaw everything from sourcing the lead, to evaluating the business, to negotiating with all the relevant authorities and stakeholders, to the final signing of papers and handover. Our team’s role was invaluable in ensuring that this deal was closed in a timely fashion, and that handover was stress-free.

"Kerry and his team were a pleasure to work with. Together they have a wealth of local market knowledge which is critical for a successful acquisition. I tell all of our franchisees that taking advantage of these opportunities is really the fastest way to establish yourself in the industry," said Aaron McElhiney, Director of Acquisitions at Property Management Inc

What This Deal Means

This sale provides a great opportunity for our PMI Titanium Lakeland franchisee to increase revenue, promote our brand, and build a stronger client base in the region. PMI Titanium Lakeland will continue to grow and improve its service delivery to its clients offering favorable returns to franchisees and picturesque holiday locations for our guests. 

The Future is Bright

Investing in a PMI Titanium Lakeland Franchise is a sound and strategic option as evidenced by this case. This is why our franchisees are always looking for more opportunities to grow and establish themselves in new areas. Just weeks after having closed this mega-deal, our franchisee is now working on their second acquisition. Our franchisees are working hard to meet the growing demand for quality and luxurious rental places in Lakeland. We are targeting other key properties in and around Lakeland. The future is indeed very bright for PMI Titanium Lakeland and PMI Franchisees.

Need Someone to Manage Your Rental?

Managing a rental can become cumbersome and almost a full-time job. Do you own a rental in Lakeland and need someone else to take the stress of property management off of your hands? We, here at Property Management Inc., are the right team for the job. We do everything from booking to housekeeping, from maintenance to concierge all for a fraction of the proceedings from your bookings. Leave all the heavy lifting to us we’ll get the job done right. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly staff members are always happy to answer any of your questions. 

Looking for a place to stay while in Lakeland? Or need help finding a clean, safe, and secure rental? Comment below and we’ll get back to you with great options!


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