9 Ways To Improve Safety and Security Around a Commercial Space

9 Ways To Improve Safety and Security Around a Commercial Space

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A safe and secure property is good for you, your tenants, and their customers. By increasing safety and security measures, you can help protect against vandalism, break-ins, theft, and more. Not only will this help your investment say safe but it can also make a property more attractive to prospective tenants. The good news is that there are several ways you can enhance safety and security at your commercial property.

1. Consider lighting

Parking lots, entry points, and walkways should have good lighting. A criminal is less likely to target a person or property that is well-lit. Make sure that burnt-out bulbs get changed promptly.

2. Add security cameras

Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property. They can also help deter criminal behavior. In addition, security cameras can help provide helpful information if a criminal act does take place.

3. Hire guards and/or security patrol staff

Depending on the type of business you’re trying to attract, you may want to take additional security measures like hiring guards for the parking lot and/or hiring security staff that can patrol the property during off hours when no one is there.

4. Make sure doors and windows are secured

Doors and windows need to have good locking systems. Make sure that they’re all in working order. Deadbolts can help secure doors even further.

5. Use smarter lock systems

The standard lock systems may not be secure enough. They can also be tricky if there’s a high employee turnover rate since new keys need made once employees leave. Thankfully, there are smarter lock systems that can help increase safety overall. Keyless entry systems and biometric access controls are two options that can be considered. You can easily reprogram a keyless entry system when an employee leaves. And biometric access controls require the use of a facial feature or a fingerprint making them very secure.

6. Add fences

Adding a fence around the property can help increase privacy and security. You may even want to consider a secure gate for entry.

7. Keep up with landscaping

Overgrown shrubbery can make it easier for criminal activity. A burgler or attacker can easily hide behind greenery waiting for their next victim or to sneak into a building. Hire a landscaper to cut back any overgrown trees or shrubs. Keep walkway, parking lots, and entry points free of easy hiding spots.

The other benefit of hiring a landscaper is that the property will be more attractive overall which can increase the likilhood that you’ll find and retain great tenants.

8. Focus on fire prevention

Fire prevention is an important aspect of protecting your investment. Make sure that you have fire (and carbon monoxide) detectors on your property. Fire extinguishers need to be available too. Sprinklers are also a good thing to have in commercial settings.

In addition, you may want to invite someone in to do a fire department inspection. This can help ensure you’re taking the necessary safety measures. Also, inviting someone from the fire department to check out your property ahead of any potential emergencies is a good idea. This way they’ll be more familiar with your property and its layout in the chance of a worst-case scenario playing out.

9. Use security glass

Regular glass is easy to penetrate and can shatter quickly, creating a mess of glass shards. While windows may not be a criminal’s first choice for entry, they can be a common backup option if a criminal is unable to get through the door. By adding security glass, at least at entry points, it can better protect your property from invaders.

Overall, you can see there are plenty of options when it comes to protecting your investment, tenants, and their customers from criminals. You will, of course, need to follow health and safety codes to ensure you’re in compliance and safety is a top priority. But you probably also want to increase safety and security with additional measures. Take time to think about the area your property is located in. You can also Google to see what the crime rates are for that location. Also, consider what type of business you want to attract to the property. Taking these things into consideration can help you better determine how much security will be needed for your property and your tenants.

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