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Importance of Association Management Meeting Minutes

Meetings are rarely on anyone’s list of favorite things to do – and keeping meeting minutes is even worse. However, timely, accurate minutes are important, especially if decisions are being made about your home and community. Ideally, after the conclusion of an HOA meeting, minutes detailing what was discussed and any decisions that were made will be submitted to the HOA board leadership who will approve the minutes and disseminate them to all relevant parties.

Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Some HOAs are better than others at capturing the important information from a meeting and making su...

Why Conduct Regular Inspections of Your Rental Properties

If we didn't trust our tenants, we probably wouldn't rent to them, but when it comes to your properties and the protection of their value, here are 3 reasons as to why it is a good idea to conduct regular inspections of your rental properties. First, to confirm that no illegal activity is taking place. Second, check and see if any repairs or maintenance need to be taken care of and third, doing this can preserve the value of your property to insure that all things are in good shape.

The most well known issue in illegal activity in rent properties is the consumption of illegal drugs. As a landlord, you may be under a...

Why Become A Property Manager in 2016

Every year, the demand for certain jobs can and will fluctuate. In 2016, the demand for property managers is at an all time high. With the technology of today combined with the demand, it makes the perfect combination in becoming a property manager.

Today’s Technology

Just over the past few years, technology in general, especially mobile technology has expanded leaps and bounds. Property Managers who embrace and recognize all the many benefits from technology and its advancements are able to manage and grow their businesses more effectively. Recently, Multi-Housing News recently reported that technology makes life more...

When Is It Time To Hire A HOA Property Manager?

Hiring a property manager is an easy decision for landlords who don’t want to worry about the day-to-day hassles of running a rental property. When it comes to Homeowners Associations (HOA), however, the decision isn’t so cut and dry.

Typically, an HOA exists when a group of people buy properties in a planned development. HOAs often oversee condominiums and townhouses in gated communities or subdivisions, and membership is mandatory. An HOA is usually run by property owners who volunteer to help manage the needs of their community. These needs include everything from ensuring compliance with community “rul...

Pros Cons of Keyless Entry System

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, you want to do everything you can to protect them. Along with the rise of the smart home and automated security, keyless home entry systems have become one of the first lines of defense for savvy homeowners. If you’re thinking of adding a keyless lock to your home, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your family.

No More Fumbling for Keys

Digging around for your keys in your purse, pocket or briefcase is a hassle. With keyless entry you won’t have to waste time or energy searching for keys when your hands are full,...

Spring Yard Maintenance and Cleaning

Spring time is here and spring cleaning is in full swing. Not only do the insides of our homes need inspection and cleaning, our yards also need yearly maintenance done. Often times we forget about the simple things that should be done to our home each year, so here is a list of things that should be taken care of as the weather warms up.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are often damaged by cold and windy weather, killing some of the plant’s branches. When this happens, the tree or shrub still sends nutrients and water to that dead stem; nutrients and water which could have been used to help the growth of the l...

Getting Your Property Rent Ready

When renting out property, it's important to make sure that you draw in as many good tenants as possible. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective ways is to make sure your property is absolutely ready to be sold. Spice things up, fix imperfections, repaint the walls, anything to make your property more appealing. Here is a list of steps you can take to bring out the best in your property's appearance:

1. Dust Away Webs

Cobwebs on the property can take away from the aesthetics, so dust away any webs that may be indoors ( in corners and on walls) and outdoors (near overhangs, lights, and doorways)...

Landlords: Should you allow pets?

Almost every landlord has had a tenant that owned a pet. From chihuahuas, to kittens, to enormous Great Danes, pets are part of the family to those who raise them.

That’s a problem, isn’t it? If you allow pets, there will be damage. If you don’t allow pets, there will probably be damage anyways. Herein lies the root of the pet policy issue: there are benefits and downsides on both sides. So what do you do?

First off, we need to know the ups and downs of allowing pets:BenefitsRisksMore possible tenantsPossible physical injury to neighbors or tenantIncreased income due to pet feesLikely damage to the prop...

Screen Applicants Finding Tenants

Having the right tenants in your commercial or residential rental property can make all the difference in the world. Even a single uncooperative tenants can create situations that can cost you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to handle. The most important thing you can do to avoid these situations is to find tenants who are qualified and cooperative from the beginning. That's why it's important to screen your tenants across more criteria than simply their ability to pay.

The expert property managers at Property Management Inc. will screen your applicants against a long list of qualifications, including civil...

Tough Renting Decisions Made Easy

Owning a rental property can be an excellent source of passive income for the property owner. However, if you try to manage your own rental property, you might find yourself struggling to make all the important decisions that go into marketing and managing a rental property. How much rent should you charge? What repairs and maintenance tasks could help you rent your property out for more? Should you allow pets?

The pets question is a great example. There are pros to allowing pets (a greater pool of potential tenants and pet fee add-ons), but there are also cons (damage to the property and liability for pet behavior). Most p...

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